BufSs (Bunch of Scrubs) Introduction:

Bunch of Scrubs offers players a chance for semi-competitive Squadron Realistic Battles. We currently accept experienced players (level 70 & higher, minimum age 17) who may be new to SRE, or simply can’t put in the time to meet higher requirements or demands of their time. Make no mistake; when you join BufSs, you’re gaining access to the BofSs community as well. Transition between the two squadrons is fluid if requirements are met. BufSs offers players an excellent place to grind & spade Meta vehicles, raise K/Ds, or simply get a taste of the best community and best game-experience that War Thunder has to offer. 1000 point requirement per season to remain in squadron.

Current Goals:

  • Top 100 in 2024-II
  • Stretch goal of Top 50
  • Reach full strength of ~128 players

Previous Milestones:

  • Reached season 2021-III milestone of top 50th place!
  • Reached season 2021-V milestone of top 40th place!
  • Reached season 2022-I milestone of top 50th place!

Current Leadership:

  • EsperJosh – Commander
  • Ace_of_Salts – US Deputy
  • GingerNinJaaahhh – EU Deputy
  • Beshima – Officer
  • NotHereLol – Officer
  • Delicious Man (Kong) – Officer
  • Offline_Forever – Officer
  • Belaesque – Sergeant
  • PossumLady – Sergeant
  • AceSkippy – Sergeant