What is SRE?

You can find more Information in our SRE Handbook:

SRE (Squadron Realistic Events), is a competitive game mode in War Thunder where squadrons participate in combined arms battles of 8v8 to win points and rank up on the squadron leaderboards. SRE is the definitive team based game mode of War Thunder, but is not to be confused with TSS (War Thunder Tournament/e-sports). TSS is where players prove high amounts of individual skill and mastery, where as SRE is a squadron effort and mainly reflects player activity, teamwork, coordination, community, win rate, and general skill.

• SRE takes place on Realistic Tank Battle maps, and allow squadrons to build their own team compositions with the following rules in mind:

• There is no limit on what nations can be used (mix and match all you want).

• Teams can have a maximum of 4 aircraft, and a minimum of 0.

• Teams can have a maximum of 8 ground vehicles, minimum of 4

• The match is won when the enemy looses all of their vehicles, or dies to ticket bleed.

• SRE seasons last for two months.

• SRE maximum BRs change weekly starting at 4.0 and increasing to the highest possible BR: 3.7>4.0>4.7>5.3>6.0>6.7>7.3>8.0>9.0>10.7>11.3 (or the other way around, Gaijin announces that)

• Players earn points by winning SRE matches and loose points by loosing SRE matches. (players with high points earn a few points per victory, and lose large amounts on defeat. Players with low points earn high amounts of points per victory and loose low amounts on defeats)

• The top 20 players of a squadron contribute 100% of their points, while players under top 20 contribute a percentile of their points.

BofSs SRE Rules/Player Expectations

• Here at BofSs we expect players to play their best during SRE and to be orderly/focused.

• Players are to obey the designated officers/SRE leaders/sergeants or appointed division leaders.

• Players are to make points according to the deadline given to them.

• If a player is going to be unable to play for a short period of time they are to submit a notification in our #awol chat.

• If a player is going to be unable to play for a long period of time they are to contact an officer and explain the situation.