General Conduct & Behavior:

  • Maintain maturity and respect in all matches, including public matches, squadron battles, and tournaments.
  • Refrain from name-calling, insults, intentional team killing, and unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • Use the Gaijin replay system to report teamkillers.
  • Officers may remove players from SRE sessions for behavior issues, lack of chemistry, or other concerns. A majority of officers must concur before removing a player from the squadron.
  • Avoid trash talking in SRE. Only use respectful phrases like GG, o7, and GL HF.
  • Respect teammates’ wishes regarding team killing at the end of SRE matches.
  • In-game bans or reports of misconduct may result in removal from the squadron.
  • Address conflicts civilly. If unresolved, contact a Sergeant or Officer.
  • Hacks will result in immediate removal.
  • Streaming SRE sessions outside of Discord is only allowed if it will be done with 3-5 minutes of Delay
  • English is the main language used on Discord to ensure clear and effective communication.
  • Post Relevant things only in Topic Specific Channels (i.e. news-and-politics)

Gameplay & Strategy (SRE):

  • Play at all battle ratings; do not sit out disliked ratings. This ensures that players can accumulate points in a timely manner.
  • Do not change vehicles or make tactical decisions without consent from Commanders, Officers, or Sergeants.
  • Commanders, Officers, and Sergeants have the final say in tactical decisions.
  • Sergeants and Officers may remove players from SRE sessions for behaviour issues, lack of chemistry, or other concerns.
  • Reform the team after three consecutive losses to reassess strategies and improve performance.

Discord Conduct & Posting:

  • Guests are welcome but are expected to be courteous. Members of other squadrons are not allowed in SRE queue or team channels. (Exception can be made, i.e. Mercenaries)
  • Players are not allowed to mute or block leadership on Discord.
  • No racist posts, jokes about genocide, terrorism, or any offensive content.
  • Respect all members, recognizing our squadron’s diverse backgrounds.
  • Avoid sharing graphic or violent content, especially to members with military backgrounds.
  • Refrain from sharing crude memes or edgy posts. If in doubt, ask before posting.
  • Build rapport before poking fun at others to avoid misunderstandings.

Agreements & Commitments:

  • Honour any agreements made, especially those involving grinding vehicles for currency.
  • Breaking agreements may result in benching from SRE or removal from the squadron.
  • It’s recommended to document agreements with clear expectations and dates.


  • Posting AWOL after the Kicklist is posted may be ignored.