Tankers (Tank vs Tank)

• When battling enemy tanks you need to be aware of all flanking routes, and tactics available.

• Get used to angling/ side-scraping/ baiting/ trapshooting/etc.

• Understand your weaknesses and mitigate the risks, and remember It’s the tank you don’t see that will kill you.

• Follow the ground commander’s lead and be aware of ticket bleed/map control, remember teamwork is key!

• Mark enemy Tanks on the Map for your allies after you die! (you have a very short period of Time to do that, 2-3 sec. max!)

• Also use the new Squadron Marker! They help a lot, and especially Air/Pilots will profit from that. They’ll be able to help Ground quicker if they know where the enemy is!

Tankers (Tanks vs Air)

• Do not engage enemy air with your machine guns/main gun unless cleared to do so by the ground leader.

• In the case of a bomber rushing your spawn at the start; 9/10 times its ok to open fire, but in other cases resist your urges.

• Your main goal is to stay hidden and to dodge rockets/bombs.

• A good tanker understands when a pilot is going to drop ordinance and can time quick stops/ turns to make them miss.