SPAA (SPAA vs Air)

• Get to know how to lead an anticipate aircraft movement and when to know you are being baited or not.

• Use rocks/ houses to cover angles you cannot protect from and keep your head on a swivel.

• In Radar SPAA it is imperative to use your intuition and not just the lead indicator.

• The Lead indicator is a tool to help you estimate, it is not an aim bot, and aiming only with the lead indicator will leave you more missed shots than if you didn’t have it to begin with.

SPAA (SPAA vs Tanks)

• Engaging tanks is an optional goal for SPAA and often a last resort.

• SPAA players are required to be patient when engaging tanks as they have sub standard pen (unless you are an OTOMATIC or new Swedish AA/IFV).

• Look for sneaky opportunities to assault tanks from the rear/side or knock their barrel out.


• Shoot first
• Be sneaky